Organization Description


The Chaparral Patrons of the Performing Arts are:

  • A 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
  • Made up of the families of students (parents/extended family/alumni) involved in any area of the Performing Arts at Chaparral High School, as well as local community supporters.
  • A support organization that meets once a month to plan and go over upcoming events, discuss the needs of the Performing Arts Department that we can help with, and coordinate parent volunteers. 
  • Registered with the State of Colorado as a Business and Charity/Non-Profit. 


Recent Campaigns/Contributions:

All funds raised by the Chaparral Patrons of the Performing Arts are utilized in a manner that enables the Performing Arts Department to provide the best educational experience possible in a safe and secure environment. 

The following list does not include additional funds that have been donated to support the Performing Arts Department for items other than equipment.  Since it's founding, the Patrons have contributed more than $136,000 to the Chaparral Performing Arts Program.


School Year


  • Wireless speaker for Broadway Dance performances
  • Piano tuning (7)
  • Educational opportunity with Opera Colorado
  • Uniform face masks for performers
  • Performance production costs
  • Replacement cyclorama
  • Microphone head replacements
  • Sound system microphone expansion
  • Intelligent lights
  • Piano benches
  • Headsets
  • Electric viola
  • Electric cello 
  • Electric bass
  • Theater master class guest artist fee
  • Storage for costume loft
  • Stage projection system

  • Equipment storage lockers for guitar room
  • Funds contributed to help support the Orlando, Florida performing arts trip
  • Lights (30) and power supplies for music stands in orchestra pit of the Mary Gill Theatre
  • Performance/dance mirrors for use by all performing arts departments who need to choreograph precision movements
  • Three (3) LED lights to complete the lighting system and enable lighting of the entire stage
  • Equipment storage lockers for guitar room
  • New lighting control board in Mary Gill Theatre
  •  LED lighting system for stage
  • Replaced eight (8) sound shells used during Choir, Orchestra, and Theater performances
  • Funds contributed to the Marching Band in order to enable them to purchase a marimba
  • Funds contributed to help pay for performance risers
  • Instruction tech DVD set
  • Conductor chairs (3)

"Raise the Curtain" – The Patrons coordinated the fundraising effort in the 2011-2012 school year to help raise the money needed to replace the curtains in the Mary Gill Theater.

  • iPad for Performing Arts Department
  • Stage lights
  • Yamaha keyboard / amp
  • New drum set
  • Raised stools for Orchestra
  • Orchestra cello rack
  • Silbilius / PhotoScore music software
  • Orchestra cabinet
  • 7-Shelf music library
  • Wireless microphone system