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Chaparral Patrons of the Performing Arts is designed as an organization which supports all the areas of the Chaparral High School Performing Arts Department including, but not limited to, orchestral and string instrumental music, musical theatre, theatre, and vocal music.



Feb 21, 22, 23, 28, Mar 1, 2

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Upcoming Events

January Happenings February Preview
  • Whose Line is it Anyway?
  • Patrons: Monthly Meeting
  • Improv at Parker Performing Arts
  • Patrons Monthly Meeting
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Musical

Check the Website Calendar Page for more information, specific dates, and opportunities to show your support for the arts.

2018-2019 Honor Roll


Platinum ($500) Level Members

  • Keith/ April Kauffman
  • Amy/ Kyle Nisenson
  • Jason/ Alyssa Bjornholt
  • Michele Portlock

 Gold ($250) Level Members

  • Jason / Jennifer Brown
  • Robert / Bonnie Martelon
  • Hays / Dan Padrnos
  • Andrew/ Christine Schulz
Silver ($100) Level Members
  • Diane Anderson

  • Sun/ Chul Chun

  • Minna / Dan Cohen

  • Love / Darren Conrad

  • Scott/ Regena / CaMari Davis

  • Tom/ Christine DeHerrera

  • Merrie/ Glenn Dooley

  • Stephen Fantl, Kyra Storojev
  • Jennifer Freitas
  • Ben/ Maureen Garry
  • Shawnette/ David Erdos
  •  Eric/ Diane Howell
  • Jerry Kennedy/ Kelly Niederwerder
  • Laura / Jason McBride
  • Rich O' Kelley
  • Gary Rains
  • Nichole/ Rick Reisdorph

Silver ($100) Level Members (continued)

  • Mark/ Vicki Sudduth
  • Christopher Toomer
  • Maya Tutsman
  • Mark / Bethel Vatsaas
  • Allen/ Suzanne Voss
  • Tim / Karleen Wagner
Member of the Patrons:
  • Bill/ Lauren Bontempo
  • Pam Brown
  • Kelly / Joanna Corbin
  • Mark Michael/ Lisa Dugent
  • Jenna/ Eric Ehrle
  • Frank/ Ellen Fidani
  • Amy/ Mike Fiscus
  • Chris / Estella Fournier
  • Kristi/ Todd Helvig
  • Brian/ Holly Kamm
  • Kecia Leland
  • Lara Plaia
  • Kathy/ Joel Rogers
  • Harry/ Jacki Roschbach
  • Christine Ross
  • Steve/ Marcie Salter
  • Tyler / Julie Snow
  • John H. Sutton
  • Kim/ Chad Utterson
  • Michelle/ George VerBrugge
  • Aimee/ John Worland


Community Partners are local businesses that have donated services, products, and/or made financial contributions on multiple occasions to help benefit the performing arts at Chaparral High School

For a complete listing of businesses that have contributed to our fundraiser auctions in the past, please see the Fall or Spring Fundraiser Pages.  




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